7 tips for packing light

It can be hard to pack up your whole life in one 50 lb. suitcase. Here are some tips to help you get everything you need into your suitcase and on the plane.

1.) Roll your clothes
Clothing can take up a lot of room if folded, but if you roll up jeans and T-shirts, they tend to take up a lot less room.

2.) Versatile clothing
Bringing clothing that can be worn multiple ways with multiple different tops/bottoms respectively, will save you a lot of space, according to Packsmith.

3.) Find out what you can buy in China
China might seem like an exotic place, and it is. But day-today-day necessities and toiletries are sold at almost all supermarkets and even some mini-marts, just like the United States. You can buy some brands like Pantene and Head and Shoulders for Shampoo and Colgate and Crest for toothpaste. Don’t worry about weighing down your suitcase with some toiletries. They’ll be waiting for you in China so you’ll never have to be without. Check out our blog post about toiletries you cannot buy in China to  help you decide what to buy and what to bring.

4.) Wear bulky items on the plane
Wearing your clunkiest shoes and bulkiest coats on the plane is a great way to save space. That way you can still bring your favorite winter coat, but still be able to bring your favorite pair of sneakers.

5.) Put stuff in your shoes
The inside of shoes is pretty much dead space as far as your suitcase is concerned so why not fill it with socks, underwear and other small items? In addition, your shoes won’t be distorted when you try to squish everything in.

6.) Bring a microfiber towel
Microfiber towels are very light weight, super absorbent and best of all, small. Bringing a microfiber towel instead of a full size towel will save you a ton of space in your suitcase and leave room for more important items. You can buy microfiber towels on Amazon or at the Missionary Mall.

7.) Be willing to go without
As hard as it might sound to leave behind your favorite pillow, think about everything you bring and ask yourself, ‘Can I live without this?’ or “Is this really necessary?” If you can live without it for 4 months, chances are you’re better off leaving it at home. That way you’ll have lots of space for souvenirs and other fun stuff.

How do you pack for a long trip? What are your tips for packing light? Tell us in the comments below!


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