5 American Chinese dishes that aren’t authentic

We all love authentic Chinese food and authentic American Chinese food, but some truly awe inspiring creations have come about ever since Chinese people came to the United States. Here are some American Chinese dishes that aren’t authentic, but equally tasty!

1.) Beef and broccoli

Gwen | Flickr Creative Commons

Seemingly the most popular American Chinese dish out there, there’s no way anyone can resist the wonderful goodness that is found in Beef and Broccoli.
Get the recipe here!

2.) Cashew chicken

Daniel | Flickr Creative Commons

Cashews and chicken. Who could want more? This dish will surely leave you always wanting more!
Get the recipe here!


3.) Crab rangoon

Andrea Nguyen | Flickr Creative Commons

Nothing beats the mouthwatering taste of crab! Even better when that crab is encased in a fried shell with cheese! These are good as a snack, but we won’t judge you if you eat a full meal’s worth!
Get the recipe here!

4.) Honey walnut shrimp
A succulent sweet dish with some nuts thrown in for good measure. Shrimp couldn’t get any better!
Get the recipe here!

5.) Egg Rolls

Steven Depolo | Flickr Creative Commons

Sometimes all you need is some vegetables… and meat… and something fried. If so, egg rolls are the answer! Don’t forget a dipping sauce!
Get the recipe here!

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