School Spotlight: Zhenjiang High School

What’s better than teaching a bunch of adorable little Kindergartners? Teaching High School students who actually understand you! High School students are able to sit in a chair for the entire class, have an attention span greater than half of a second, and they already know decent English which makes teaching them a lot easier!


What are Your Classes like? 

If teaching an older age group sounds like a good fit to you, then let me introduce you to one of China’s swankiest schools: Zhenjiang High School! Here you teach first year students, age 15-16, Conversational English and American Culture. That’s right, your job is to converse with your students about America! You also get to play games, watch videos, and create interactive lessons with your students. Your classes will be 45 minutes long.

You will teach 18 classes (9 per week), with a total of 900 students (50 students per class). You meet with each class every other week, making lesson prep a walk in the park! You will usually be the only teacher in your class, but for High School students who are generally well behaved this is not an issue. You may have your class observed once or twice.

Your classrooms will be equipped with a Smart Board (which is like an interactive chalk board that allows you to draw on your computer). The Smart Board makes teaching with Power Point a really cool experience. You can also use the Smart Board to show videos, play games, and for drawing!



Morning: 7:55-11:45

Lunch: 11:45-1:30

Afternoon: 1:30-5:05


What is the food like?

There are separate student and teacher cafeterias. The student cafeteria is four floors and has tons of things to choose from. The teachers’ cafeteria only has a few things and is much smaller. The food has been deemed good by Fall 2016 teacher Adam Packer, who eats there often. Take his word for it!


Tell me more about the School

 Well, for starters, you get a desk in the English department. From here you will be able to prep lessons, socialize with other teachers, and help other teachers out with English/America questions. Students will come by to visit too!

The school is equipped with excellent sports facilities. There are areas for Basketball, Soccer, Track, and Ping-Pong. Adam also plays basketball with some of the teachers a couple times a week!

If sports aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of other activities you can do with your students. Adam helped some of the students with a musical program, which is a great way to get to know your students better!

The school also has campus wide Wi-Fi, which extends to your on campus housing.


Where do you stay?

At Zhenjiang High School you live on campus in a single person dorm. The dorm is a studio apartment with a fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and an electric water kettle. You also have a small closet, seating, and of course the nice hard Chinese bed. The bathroom is functional, but not the highlight of the apartment.

The Wi-Fi only allows two devices to connect under a single account, and is not the best in the apartment, but is pretty good elsewhere on campus.

Zhenjiang is a pretty neat city with plenty to do. So far Adam has gone to Amusement Parks, Basketball tournaments, and a lot of school programs. If you want to learn more about Zhenjiang, then click the link below!






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