The Misty Yellow Mountains Call

When it’s ‘Tolkien’ worthy stone peaks and tangled forests are swathed in ethereal veils of mist, Huangshan’s tranquil vistas easily place it into China’s ‘Top Five’ list of places to visit.


If you’re the next Bear Grylls or even the next Betty White, Huangshan takes in all kinds. Take the westerns steps 15km through majestic valleys and scale ‘Flying Rock’ or win back your vitality in the serene ‘Mercy Light Temple’ where you can get a bus back to your hotel. Wander along the eastern steps if extreme ‘sports’ aren’t your cup of ‘cha’ (茶tea).


Early Fall/Late Spring is when you’ll find the ‘Yellow Mountains’ dressed in their best, and on their best behaviour too. Pack some waterproofs if you want to stay dry in August, that’s when the wet season hits hardest, otherwise prepare your minds to be blown away, by the sights and sounds of Huangshan.


You’ll find natives and experienced hikers the whole way along the trail, due to the popularity of the mountains and their breathtaking views. However, if you would prefer, you can catch the cable car for ¥80 ($12) and float above the clouds.


And remember, don’t be surprised if you pick up a couple of extra ‘friends’ on the way.


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