Teacher Spotlight: Heidi

What was your favorite thing about China? My favorite thing was travel, and I loved going to see the different sites that you see on TV and actually being there in real life was absolutely amazing. My favorite place that I went to was the Great Wall. It was so beautiful when we went and … Continue reading Teacher Spotlight: Heidi

The Glory Days

The ‘Glory Days’: A certain time where you reminisce the good old days. When everything was easy. You didn't have any worries in the world. No bills, no debts, nothing. Something to look back to and think "Man, I miss them days". Going down nostalgia lane and reminiscing your school days maybe, or just aching … Continue reading The Glory Days

The Misty Yellow Mountains Call

When it’s ‘Tolkien’ worthy stone peaks and tangled forests are swathed in ethereal veils of mist, Huangshan’s tranquil vistas easily place it into China’s ‘Top Five’ list of places to visit. If you’re the next Bear Grylls or even the next Betty White, Huangshan takes in all kinds. Take the westerns steps 15km through majestic … Continue reading The Misty Yellow Mountains Call