Teacher Spotlight: Heidi

What was your favorite thing about China? My favorite thing was travel, and I loved going to see the different sites that you see on TV and actually being there in real life was absolutely amazing. My favorite place that I went to was the Great Wall. It was so beautiful when we went and … Continue reading Teacher Spotlight: Heidi


Understanding Chinese Money

It can be a little daunting having to only use Chinese money the first little while in China, but hopefully with this guide you will be a pro in no time! China is mostly a cash driven country, so make sure you always have cash with you. Usually the only time you will use your credit or … Continue reading Understanding Chinese Money

5 tips for bargaining on the street.

So. Many. Stalls. 1.) Don’t let them know you want it The trick to bargaining is to keep the seller from knowing you want it. If you do, it’s game over. Acting like the product doesn’t matter goes a long way. 2.) Because you’re a foreigner, they assume you are rich To the Chinese, expats … Continue reading 5 tips for bargaining on the street.