School Spotlight: Zhenjiang No. 6 Middle School

Teaching middle school in China is amazing! Your students are at a great age where they love going to your class and they are extremely interested in everything about you. If you put in the time to get to know them you'll love spending your days on campus. Zhenjiang No. 6 Middle School  Located in: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu … Continue reading School Spotlight: Zhenjiang No. 6 Middle School


Chinese tongue twisters

Ever wondered if there are fun word games in Chinese like in English? Well there are! Our friends at Learn Chinese Now, can help you learn some Chinese tongue twisters and impress your liaison and Chinese students! These tongue twisters are completely off the wall, check them out in the video below!

The Hunan Chinese Bridge competition

For the last 10 or so years, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and the Hunan TV station has held the Chinese Proficiency Competition. It's commonly known as the Chinese Bridge competition. Every year, competitors, ages 18-30, from all over the world attend this competition and compete in categories such as Chinese language proficiency, knowledge about China, … Continue reading The Hunan Chinese Bridge competition

4 best Asian blogs to make your mouth water

If you're like us, we love Chinese food! Even 10 years ago, authentic Chinese food was often difficult to come across in the United States. However, the blogosphere has really stepped up. And despite more authentic Chinese restaurants popping up across the country, the blogosphere still has a lot to offer. Here are some of … Continue reading 4 best Asian blogs to make your mouth water

13 inspirations from the Daodejing

The Daodejing, formerly known as the Tao Te Ching, is an ancient text accredited to Laozi. Although some don't know if he actually lived, the text has survived and with it many pieces of wisdom. Here are some thoughts from the Daodejing about living life. 1.)  2.) “If you try to change it, you will ruin … Continue reading 13 inspirations from the Daodejing

14 things to put on your China bucket list

These things are so cool and fun, you just have to do them all while in China. Some of them might be a little outside your comfort zone, but they're all an experience and that's what going to China is all about. Here's some activities and foods you definitely cannot miss while you're in China! … Continue reading 14 things to put on your China bucket list

10 accurate representations of teaching English

There's a real learning curve to teaching, especially in China. Here are some accurate representations of teaching English in China. 1.) Your mind the first time you teach 2.) When you teach them "ball" and you get this look 3.) When there's no heating and you're teaching in the winter 4.) When you play a game … Continue reading 10 accurate representations of teaching English

A little Chinese History

Chinese history is much like European history. It's long, complicated and has a lot of wars. But Chinese history is still interesting and everything in the past has influenced the people and culture today. So settle down for a few minutes and watch this (very) brief history of China including an overview of the dynasties, … Continue reading A little Chinese History

7 views that will convince you to take a Yangzi River Cruise

The Yangzi River is historically, and today, very important to the people of China. It's beautiful to boot, flanked by towering cliffs and beautiful forests. It's the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world, behind the Amazon (2nd) and Nile. But even as the third longest in the world it's almost … Continue reading 7 views that will convince you to take a Yangzi River Cruise

9 ancient villages you must visit

If you didn't know already, China is a very old place. As such, there are age old villages all over China. Here are some of the most famous ones, they're all worth a trip if you're in the area! 1.) Fujian Tulou These structures, built by the Hakka minority, are mostly around southeastern Fujian province … Continue reading 9 ancient villages you must visit