Things to Consider Bringing to China:

  • VPN on your laptop to easily access pictures, videos, youtube, etc.
  • Better examples of how to teach kindergarten and learn more songs and such
  • More game ideas to play with students throughout the semester
  • Craft materials for hands-on lessons
  • A small whiteboard to use and reuse for lessons
  • A small microphone or speaker (non-Bluetooth as most classrooms do not have internet)
  • A flash drive for your PowerPoints
  • colored pencils of crayons
  • Flashcards for lessons
  • Scissors, colorful paper, pens, sharpies, tape, markers, etc
  • STICKERS (All ages love this incentive)
  • Hacky sack ball or nerf ball (Can be used many different ways over and over)
  • Magnets for white boards
  • Word games or Card games for young English learners