As most of you know, the “Great Fire Wall of China” prevents social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from being used in China. Other websites such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Netlfix are also blocked in China. To have access to these everyday conveniences, many people get a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows your computer to access an Internet server outside of China. By doing this, you are not subject to the China’s Firewall.
Here are some VPNs our current teachers over in China are using. Make sure to get your VPN before you leave for China as most sites to get VPNs are, unsurprisingly, blocked in China.
1.) VPN.AC
“We use VPN.AC. It works pretty well. I think it cost us $4.25 a month(?) really inexpensive and we can connect 3 devices at a time. The user interface is really light on your operating system so it doesn’t slow your computer down.”
-Spencer and Kelsey Laulusa, Guiyang
2.) Onavo
“I use Onavo! It’s free and works pretty well most of the time, depending on how good the WiFi is of course.”
-Alex Adams, Suzhou
3.) VyprVPN
“​I’m using VyprVPN. It costs between $10-15 a month. It’s pretty functional. There are times of day where it drops out, but that could just as easily be due to my Wifi as anything.”
-Bryan Barney, Zhenjiang
4.) Panda Pow
“I use Panda Pow. It’s $9 per month, and I would rate it an 8/10 overall. I would definitely recommend it to others seeing that I am able to access my Internet just fine, for the most part. I have been having connection issues with my VPN at some points, but it’s not a common occurrence and after waiting a bit usually kicks up to speed.”
-Kyra Provest, Zhenjiang
5.) Express VPN
“We use ExpressVPN. It works really good and almost always connects if our internet is working. It cost $59.95 for 6 months, (and it is cheaper per month if you use it longer then 6 months). But we can use it on multiple devices.”
-Amee Southworth, Zhenjiang
What VPNs do you like? What helpful tips do you have for people who want a VPN? Tell us in the comments below!