Zhenjiang is located along the Yangtze River in the Jiangsu Province of China.

Living and Teaching in Zhenjiang
Zhenjiang, like most of China, is a city with rich and far-reaching   history mixed with modern advancement and growth. Our teachers could spend every minute of their free time exploring and still come across something new every day.
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What the Weather’s like:
Zhenjiang is in close proximity to Nanjing and therefore has weather similar to Nanjing. Nanjing is one of the hottest cities along the Yangzi River. It has a humid subtropical climate and is influenced by the East Asian monsoon. Despite the influences, it still has four seasons and is rainy throughout the year. Nanjing has sweltering summers with lows from June to September around the 70-75° and highs around 90°. The highs between December and February are generally around freezing levels and have highs that hover around 50°. As mentioned above, it rains constantly throughout the year, but summers are by far the most wet and winters the driest.

How to get around:
Zhenjiang has a very efficient bus system. If you go to Google Maps and zoom in to see the streets, you will see little pictures of buses. Either click on or hover the cursor over those pictures and most of them will tell you which buses stop at those locations.

Where to eat:
There are numerous delicious places to eat in Zhenjiang with prices ranging from 3元  to high end places pricing well over 100元. With the proper patience and exploration, you will be able to find places to eat everyday that will allow you to stay within budget.

When it comes to eating food, you will probably find a few places that you end up going to everyday. For example,  an affordable and delicious dumpling restaurant to frequent is “Da Niang Dumplings.” This is the largest dumpling chain in China; there are only two of them just in the Dashikou area of Zhejiang.


Dashikou (大市口)(dah-sure-coe) is the center of Zhenjiang and will be an area of the town that you will find yourself going to everyday. It is full of places to eat, shop, relax, and explore. Buses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 14, 15, 20, 21A, 21B, 22A, 22B, 23, 29, 32, 39, and D1 all stop at or near Dashikou.

In Dashikou you will find noodle houses, dumpling places, fried chicken places, and more street food than you can try in one night. Sometimes the hardest part is choosing what you want to eat.

Zhenjiang also has some places to eat that will make you feel more at home. There are multiple KFCs, McDonalds, and Pizza Huts spread throughout the city although they tend to be a little more on the pricey side. A meal at any of these places will typically cost you the same as it would in the United States if you were to convert the RMB back to USD.

The best thing to do is just go and try it all! Keep trying new places until you find the ones you like. You never know what you might find. You will most likely eat things that you won’t even want to try again, but you will also find different kinds of food that are so good you will crave them for the rest of you life.

Shopping in Zhenjiang:
Zhenjiang is a fun place to go shopping. Whether you’re looking for cheap clothes, groceries, or high end items, you can find them here. The only things that are difficult to find in Zhenjiang are tourist souvenirs. Zhenjiang isn’t really a tourist city and so you will have a hard time finding the same things you may see in Shanghai or Beijing.

Grocery Shopping
Zhenjiang has so many options to choose from. You can of course buy fresh produce and meats right off the street any time you want. If you are looking for a department/grocery store though, the two best options are Wal-Mart and RT Mart.

DSC00223-3RT Mart is located at the intersection of Zhongshan E. Rd. (中山东路) and Yunhe Rd. (运河路)/ Dianli Rd. (电力路). RT Mart is only a 20 minute walk West from Dashikou so if you want to find it and don’t have a map, go to Dashikou and walk East. Make sure you are on the right hand side (North side) of the road. Just keep walking until you cross the canal/river and it will be just up on the right hand side.

RT Mart is a multi story building and really has almost anything you would need. You can buy clothes, electronics, shoes, toiletries, drinks, food, etc.

Schools We Teach at in Zhenjiang

  • Zhenjiang Dagang High school
  • Cache_-e8ff524714afc0c Cache_-2b16d0d87ff1ffe2“This high school provides a teaching booklet and a DVD/CD, however they let you decide what to do for lessons.  The classrooms have a white board (not dry erase) with markers and it erases using water.  They also have a screen and projector- connects to normal/older laptops (not Macs) as well as a type of overhead.”
  • Zhenjiang #6 Middle School
  • 2006-05-03 01.25.21 IMG_1075“The school provides computers in the classroom, as well as a projector for power points and a chalkboard.”
  • Zhenjiang Jiangbin Dadi Kindergarten


  • DSC00791“This school provides textbooks to use for each age level. The only problem with the textbooks however is they are written completely in Chinese! There are short English translations in each section, but the English is quite poor. There are however many nice flashcards to use for each chapter as well as songs in the back of each book.  Be sure to look all the way through the book-depending on the grade level there are many different games and things to do inside.”
  • Dantu Qu of Fuma Villa Kindergarten:
    “This kindergarten has a chalkboards, a sliding white board with magnets, and some classes have big touch screen TV with windows 7 on it, therefore it has paint, word, etc. The classrooms also have markers, paint brushes, crayons, etc. Lots of white paper and some colored paper that a teacher can utilize.”
  • Dantu Experimental Primary School:
    “The only things that this school provides is the chalk in the classrooms (for the chalk board). Some classrooms also have a difficult to understand projector with no instructions (and it’s difficult for the children to se since the sunlight comes into the room).”
  • Wode Kindergarten (ZhenJiang World International Bilingual Kindergarten):
    “This school provides a book with weekly lessons you must follow strictly.  They provide flash cards as well and  a DVD with an overview of the lessons and songs.  The school is quite strict with the curriculum they want you to follow, and they have many props and pictures for you to use. Be prepared to dance, as the DVD with an overview will also teach you a dance to every lesson.  (They have toys, paper, computer with TV screens, and a Chinese Teaching assistant to help you.)”
  • YangHuang Bilingual School:
    “You will be provided with an English grade level book (AL07 English for Kids) you must teach from.  They also provide you with a computer/projector, and white board.  If you want to use a PowerPoint, you must use your own USB drive as the computers don’t connect to the internet. “



One thought on “Zhenjiang

  1. Hey, love the new website! Btw Zhenjiang is the BEST!!! There is so much to do and I would totally go back and live there again! I taught at Jiangbin Dadi and it is an awesome little school. Great food and great apartment. I loved it so much. If anyone wants tips or ideas on what to do if you are teaching there, shoot me an email! meghan.bedell@gmail.com


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