For Mentors

China Horizons Mentorship Program


The China Horizons Mentorship Program is open to all past China Horizons participants.

What is this the CH Mentorship Program?  

This is a way for you to utilize your ‘living in China skills’ to benefit first time China Horizons teachers and return to China at an extremely affordable price!

Application Fee/Costs

Mentorship Program application & processing fee: $275

Yes, you read correctly, only $275.  The application & processing fee covers: THE ARRIVAL TOUR, Airfare, Housing, Meals, Visa, Cell Phone, and everything else the volunteer program covers.

Positions Details

You’ll still be teaching just like last time. So why are we offering this new program so inexpensively to returning teachers? Because in addition to teaching at your school, you’ll also be assigned to a new group of China Horizons teachers going over during the same semester as you, to act as their “Mentor.” We are anticipating mentor groups of 8-10 new CH teachers.  In this capacity, you’ll be able to offer them your first hand knowledge of China as someone who’s been there and experienced it.

Mentors will have the chance to help new teachers get on their feet faster in China and start loving China from Day-1 as they lead by example. The majority of this extra duty as a mentor will simply be answering a lot of basic questions; questions that you yourself probably had when you were first going to China and didn’t know what to expect.

At this time the Mentorship Program will only be offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Possible questions mentor’s will probably be answering

    • -What was your favorite place to travel?
    • -Is it hard to buy train tickets?  How do you do it?
    • -How did you get around your city?  
    • -Did you ever get lost?  How did you get back?
    • -What was your first lesson?  How did it go?  
    • -What was your favorite lesson?
    • -What was your favorite food?! 
    • -How did you order food in China? 
    • -What do you wish you would have known before going to China? 
    • -How do you use a squatter toilet?


  • 1.   Be a past China Horizons participant.
  • 2.   Love China (Chinese food, Chinese students…most of them, and KTV of course!)
  • 3.   Must have regular dreams about returning to China.
  • 4.   Be disciplined in learning some Chinese…hopefully!

Application Process

The application process will be almost identical to the Volunteer Application Process you followed the first time. But fortunately you’ve already submitted many of these materials that we can just reuse, so the process will be even easier than last time!

Start by submitting a preliminary application form and be sure to select “Mentor Program

We’ll then contact you and provide additional instructions on what we’ll need you to submit again.

Will every past teacher be accepted as a CH Mentor?  Not necessarily. Your eligibility will depend much on your first semester in China. But we anticipate the majority of our past teachers will qualify for this new position!


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