Weifang dates back to about 2,000 BC. It is one of the larger cities in the Shandong province. Its dedication to folk custom attracts thousands of Chinese and foreign visitors every year. It is widely accepted as the origin of kites and the tradition of making kites is still upheld. Weifang is known for the Weifang International Kite Festival, which is held annually in April, when thousands of kites cover the sky.

What to Do:
Weifang sits facing a bay and it is a great place to visit and spend the day. Weifang, like most cities in China, has many gardens that are great to walk around in and explore. A fun place to visit is the Kite Museum and Square, many people fly kites here and socialize. If you visit the Museum you can learn about kites from around the world and learn about kite history.

What the Weather’s like:
Weifang has a similar climate to Jinan due to its close proximity. Weifang is a humid climate and borders between continental and subtropical climates. Its summers are hot and sticky while winters are cold and have barely any rainfall. Summers can be as cool as 70° and as hot as 90°, winters can be as mild as early 40s and as cold as the upper teens early 20s. The most rain generally falls in July and August and rain from November to March is uncommon.

What to Eat:
Weifang sits on a bay, so it’s no wonder its seafood is known for being very fresh. The flavors of Weifang are mostly salty and spicy. Noodles are less common in this city, and steamed bread is the norm. But a speciality of Weifang is called Hele; a noodle soup cooked in chicken and duck broth and with different kinds of meat and vegetables. Chaotian pot is also a unique and ancient cuisine. Pork, meatballs and dried beancurds are boiled in water. Next cilantro and soy sauce and a cooked Chinese pancake are added. At some restaurants, you can cook the soup yourself!

How to get Around:
There is no subway in Weifang, but there is an extensive bus system anyone can use.

Where to Shop:
There is one Walmart in Weifang, it is located on Dongfeng East Street and Xinghua Road. Shandong also has a chain department store called Silver Plaza which sells daily necessities, clothing and other items, it’s kind of like a Fred Meyer or a full sized Walmart. If you’re looking for name brand clothing or electronics go to Kof Tower, an old style department store.

Where We Teach in Weifang:
• Shandong Vocational College of Economics and Business.

How to Attend Church:
For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is a virtual branch members can attend online.


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